Vampirism May Be More Real Than You Think. Don’t Scoff, Just Read!

Vampires aren’t real, right? Of course they aren’t. … That said, we humans have more in common with these fictitious beings than you may have thought. Apparently, we have all sorts of traits and diseases that fit with the description of vampires we’ve been given throughout the ages.  It’s no wonder why the legends of […]

#WeAreThe119Percent; Update: Down to 96 percent

Unreal. Madison City Clerk: "119% turnout." Lib site acknowledges it's a "liberal stronghold." #WIrecall #WI — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 5, 2012 That’s a hell of a turnout, huh? It defies logic! Progs shrug it off 119% turnout as "same day registration." LOL. Thanks to your activist judge, there is little to protect voter […]

WH to take no disciplinary action for outing of Kabul CIA station chief

@jaketapper Low level employee in the Cincinnati office? — Hillary's Yoga Email (@Wodeshed) June 11, 2014 Last month, when President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, a pool report containing the name of the CIA’s station chief in Kabul was sent to more than 6,000 email addresses. The station chief who was “outed” reportedly […]