ESPNW Releases Fantasy Football Rankings Using Relationship Lingo

1. Every year, various publications release their fantasy football seasonal rankings, which is a list of players ordered in accordance with their predicted fantasy value for the year. View this image › NFL / Via 2. These rankings vary from site-to-site, but only due to a difference of opinion over this or that individual […]

Romney likely to choose Paul Ryan as his VP nominee on Saturday morning "America's Comeback Team." "America's Comeback Team." — Guy Benson (@guypbenson) August 11, 2012 redirects to Romney's official campaign site — AppVizzle (@TheHenry) August 11, 2012 Whoomp, there it is. More indications that Ryan is the one: NYT: "A confidant of Mr. Ryan’s confirmed early Saturday that aides believed Mr. Romney had settled […]