Police Officer Pulls Over A Woman, And Then Ends Up Incredibly Saving Her Life.

It’s not often that you end up being really thankful when a cop pulls you over for running a red light, but that is exactly what one woman is feeling now. This dashcam footage shows Kalamazoo, Michigan, Public Safety Officer Jason Gates pull over a woman for a red light violation. Officer Gates thought at first […]

How Preet Bharara Became The Southern District’s Million Dollar Man

How do you become fearless and financially secure enough to make enemies of New York’s wealthy and politically powerful? A seven-figure check from Amazon certainly helps. View this image › Getty Images Spencer Platt Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has jailed a hedge fund billionaire, taken one of the most successful hedge fund traders of […]

These 9 ‘Before And After’ Photos Will Give Hope To All The Geeks Out There. Whoa.

These are the kind of photos that should give hope to every person out there who feels insecure about their looks. What people need to understand is that you can always change how you’re perceived, that’s in your control. Sometimes, growing out of being “geeky” or feeling unwanted is as simple as buying new glasses, […]

All for onesie! Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh dons his PJs in message to Obama [pic]

@WalshFreedom Awesome. — Genghis Netkhanyahu (@lheal) December 18, 2013 Why should grown, dependent hipsters have all the onesie funsies? Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh also prefers to slip into something a little more comfortable when he wants to #GetTalking about Obamacare — repeal, that is: .@BarackObama is right. We should #GetTalking and #GetRepealing. At least […]