David Corn, Alan Colmes wonder why AOL mail isn’t working

@DavidCornDC Ladies & gents, the last AOL user. — Michael Curry (@mcurryfelidae07) April 26, 2014 Make that the last two AOL users: both David Corn and Alan Colmes are having trouble with their AOL mail today. That’s right: we just used “AOL” and “today” in the same sentence. aol mail appears to be down. I […]

WSJ: AT&T, Sprint also tracked, credit card transactions cataloged

Just confirmed that AT&T and Sprint customer records are also being data mined by NSA. — Steven Harris (@stevenlharris) June 7, 2013 NSA Tracking Credit Card Transactions, Also Has Access To Phone Records From AT&T And Sprint Along With Verizon http://t.co/08i4T9QygG — scott good (@SkidWillie) June 7, 2013 So, is anyone surprised to learn that the […]