Kendrick Lamar’s BET solo has embarrassed viewers asking: What is ‘cypher’?

I don't think people really know what a cypher is. — Blake Nazario (@WettestWhales) October 16, 2013 I don't even know what a cypher is — Marshall Denny (@MarshallDenny) October 16, 2013 The BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired tonight, featured “cyphers” from all-star rappers. Kendrick Lamar apparently “killed it” with his performance.!/MoneyMadeMark24/status/390331526241873920 The […]

‘Awesome!’ Sidesplitting message for those really in control [pic]

A Message to those in control — George Jarkesy (@jarkesy) November 28, 2013 Conspiracy mad giggles! Awesome. RT @alexkauff: Hahahaha! RT @jarkesy: A Message to those in control — Eric H. (@ericinva) November 28, 2013 Yep. Awesome and hysterical chortling pretty much says it all. Hey, like we always say, you have to […]

Washington Post still not talking about Kaplan scandal

via @usACTIONnews: Washington Post Continues Kaplan Cover-up #tcot — The Irishman (@commonpatriot) March 13, 2012 The paper is heavily reliant on the income it receives from its ownership of the beleaguered and much-criticized for-profit higher ed company. Cliff Kincaid at US Action News: A search of the Fiscal Times website discloses that, rather than […]