Triple truth-ache! Hume slams O-care numbers, hosurance, Sen. Landrieu

Obamacare likely to destroy private health insurance mkt. GOP would be wise to have a conservative solution ready to go when emergency hits. — Brit Hume (@brithume) November 12, 2013 Well, that is some painful truth. As Twitchy reported, math is hard to Democrats. The enrollment numbers likely won’t improve and the effects of Obamacare […]

Missing in action: The Federalist tracks down America’s invisible Ebola czar

We already have an Ebola Czar. Her name is Dr. Lurie. But she's MIA. And where did all that #Ebola money go? #NCSen — Pete Kaliner (@PeteKaliner) October 14, 2014 The government’s confused response to the Ebola epidemic has had some calling for the appointment of an Ebola czar to head the United States’ response to the […]

These Drawings Of Gender-Swapped Comic Book Characters Are So Badass It Hurts

Somebody call Hollywood and make this happen. A group of comic artists and illustrators are illustrating their favourite celebrities as gender-swapped comic book heroes and villains, and god damn if it isn’t the greatest thing. The artists, who are sharing their work on Tumblr under #DCbend, include Ming Doyle, Erica Henderson, Jordan Gibson, Joe Quinones, […]

Stressed? Then Take a Look at These. They’re Oddly Satisfying. (Part 2!)

Sometimes, especially in times of stress, you just need to surround yourself with satisfying things. It can be a favorite song, images of kittens, or your go-to comfort snack. Or, if you can’t get to any of those things, you could take a look at the following images. They’re weird, but they’ll make you go Mmmmmm and […] wants ESPN’s Broussard suspended over remarks on homosexuality

Adorable: MoveOn has a petition drive to have ESPN's Chris Broussard "immediately suspended" — Jeff Poor (@jeff_poor) May 1, 2013 seems to be having difficulty doing just that: moving on. The lefty clowns have launched a petition to get ESPN writer Chris Broussard suspended over his belief that homosexuality is “walking in open rebellion […]

Carney: ‘I don’t know how often Obama shoots skeet; Never saw pics

Has anyone asked Carney for some hard numbers on how often Obama goes skeet shooting? Define "all the time" please. — Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) January 28, 2013 Zing! As Twitchy readers know, President Obama reportedly does some super secret skeet shooting. All the time, no less! Twitter users were looking for more answers, while also […]

When You See The House This Guy Built Up Close, You’ll Think He’s Crazy. But Awesome Crazy.

One day, a man named James May decided to do something brilliant with a handful of LEGO bricks. He built a brick. Then another. Then… a whole house. The toy fanatic decided to build an entire house out of LEGOs in the middle of a vineyard. It might not seem very practical, but what it […]